Charles Thomas’s Impressions of the 19th USMA/ARL Technical Symposium

This past week, Network Science Center Research Associate Charles Thomas attended the 19th Annual ARL/USMA Technical Symposium. This Symposium brings together a wide cross section of researchers and cadets from across the Army to show off their current projects and discuss the future applications and directions involved. For Mr. Thomas this was a singular experience, as he is not a scientist but a historian by trade and applying Network Science to his own discipline. As such, we have asked him to share his impressions of the Symposium:

“The Conference was an amazing experience. The breadth of work that is being pursued and even expanded upon is remarkable. However, two things in particular stood out. The first was the quality of work being pursued by the cadets of the US Military Academy. From economic prediction models formulated from historical data to audio recognition research in terms of microphone placement, the cadets produced a plethora of excellent and applicable projects. The second is the spirit of collaboration involved. It was rare that a presenter was not approached afterwards by another researcher with an opportunity to work together to enhance their current projects or explore new areas together with their combined applications. It was a great atmosphere to work in and I am glad I was able to take part in it.”

Mr. Thomas presented on the project “Network Science and History: Exposing the ‘Hidden Hand’ in Historical Social Networks to Model Social Change” which he is currently working on along with MAJ John Ringquist, CDT Carl Rios, and CDT Oscar Garzon. He also wanted to thank MAJ Anthony Johnson for all his hard work putting together such an excellent conference.

About Charles.Thomas

I am an Assistant Professor of African History currently working with the Network Science Center at the US Military Academy at West Point. I primarily research the history of African militaries in the post-colonial world.
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