Network Science for All Ages


What do spider webs, internet arm wrestling, and power grids have in common?

They are all networks! These and many other complex systems are explored and explained at the Connections: the Nature of Networks exhibit at the NY Hall of Science (NYSCI). This exhibit, which opened in 2004, uses examples from nature and society along with artwork to help visitors young and old understand the networks they interact with every day.

NetSciHigh team from Newburgh outside of NYSCI with Dr. Stephen Uzzo and Catherine Cramer

Five students and two teachers representing the NetSciHigh team from Newburgh Free Academy recently visited the New York Hall of Science. Since the team is studying Network Science as part of a year long research project, the first stop was the Connections exhibit, where an Explainer led the group through a discussion of the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem, a classic problem in Network Science literature. The team then explored the rest of the Connections exhibit, which explores network theory through engaging hands-on activities, tools and displays. The next stop was the Mathematica exhibit, which explores many concepts related to Network Science, such as topology and randomness.

After lunch the teams had a chance to explore the rest of the Hall including a brand new exhibit, Tony Hawk Rad Science. Students and teachers all agreed that the NY Hall of Science is a great place to discover more about the networks we use in our daily lives and the math behind them.

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